Sunday, September 26, 2010

Uncomprehensible Understanding

Understanding is to the human as its hard shell is to an oyster; a long neck to a giraffe; high speed to an antelope; cunning to a fox. True understanding is our only protection when we can't run from danger; our only hope of a meal when food is beyond our reach; our only safety when we can't fight. It is, in truth, our main means of community survival and the only asset we can accumulate in life that cannot be easily lost or taken from us.With out true understanding of life we have little control of our lives or future. To just react blindly - to act, protest or praise without understanding - is to be no more than leaves blown in the wind. The bliss of ignorance is the bliss of stupidity. Understanding of what is outside of ourselves separates the human from the animal.

Without understanding of life we are no better than animals and behave worse. We are a buyer at life's auctions who doesn't understand values; a cook who doesn't understand flavours; a musician without rhythm..Understanding brings wisdom to knowledge and is of greater value than money or possessions because these can be easily gained with understanding and easily lost without it.
It is often said that "life was not meant to be easy", if that saying is to have any useful value it has to be understood.

In fact, life WAS meant to be easy. Life becomes 'not easy' when we lack understanding of it. Without some basic understanding of life we become controlled by negatives such as greed, selfishness, feelings, pride, prejudice and influences which can be beneficial only so long as controlled by understanding. When we do not understand these influences they cause us to behave without human restraint.
Without understanding, behaviour is mindless; we create pain and trauma for ourselves and others. So, to have logical meaning, the phrase "life was not meant to be easy "has to be understood in the sense of "easy" being the easiness of irresponsible behaviour. It is very appealing to the adolescent mind to want to live without responsibility. Life was not meant to be that kind of easy.

When people understand and take responsibility for their actions, life will not only be easy but also satisfying. Knowledge without understanding can be a very dangerous thing.
However, to achieve the good life, we have to care enough about life to put truth ahead of ego, pleasure, pride, prejudice, etc., and, in conscience, search for, and help each other regain, social understanding.
The reason (as originally stated) for ending this newsletter is because the massive flow of information and comment that is produced by F & L and other newsletters is treated as if some kind of TV serial-entertainment. TV has created a world of uninvolved information junkies.
You may recall a case in the USA a few years ago where boarding house people, watching their favourite serial, were annoyed by police and ambulance attending a real-life drama taking place on the floor above. People now tend to value fantasy more than reality.

Many people have followed the exposure of cultural subversion with great concern for years, but without serious attempt at involved understanding. When we see life as a survival movie it is not so obviously important that information be true or realistic. Without involvement each new claim, credible or incredible, is just part of a new 'traumatic but exciting' episode.

When suddenly the world we accept as our own seems changed and violent we are dismayed, "How can such things happen we ask each other?" "We must change the law!" We do not see that law without understanding will not change our attitude to life.

Most crime is not the result of failure of law or because criminals are not human, but because of lack of human understanding.


  1. Also a lot of people just don't give a shit what they do to others...

  2. good writing. long though lol