Wednesday, October 6, 2010

About my other post...

One is the government, the other is capitalism. The left wants government to have more power, so those who're rich will not have absolute power. The right wants capitalism to have more power, so those in government who're corrupt will not have absolute power. What both don't realize is that, no matter what, the banks and Government have absolute power. The government works with the banks intimately to control money and its distribution and allocation. So if the government is given power directly, they do what ever they want. If businesses are given power directly, they are controlled indirectly by the government who funds and limits them.


  1. They're all a bunch of crooks.

    Just don't start talking about repilians!!!!

  2. And at the same time no one really can predict how the economy will react to the changes that the banks make, so no one's really in control, its all a multitude of individual decisions in the long run. Also I lol'ed when I read the contraction who're... cause it looks like whore.